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"Shakshuka really captures the spirit and soul
of contemporary Jewish music..." Daily Herald

What is our music
(and name) all about?

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Shakshuka is a Chicago based band that performs their own unique and contemporary brand of Israeli and Sephardic music spiced with jazz.  Shakshuka is also the name of a Sephardic/Israeli food that is an eclectic and zesty blend of spices, tomatoes and eggs.  It is an appropriate metaphor for the varied and tasty musical styles of the band.  Like the food, Shakshuka’s music is a fusion of Israeli and Sephardic music, both old and new, that folds in spicy new musical elements of jazz, Latin and rock.  The result is a scrumptious musical dish that re-invents and renews the music.  


"One of the nice things about Shakshuka's sound is the newness...they have a rich, textured sound…The guitars come through with perfect clarity...which is wonderful, as Yastrow's playing, although less given to wild flourishes than David Broza's, approaches the Israeli star's speed and inventiveness and is more given to bluesy, bent notes.  Sephardic not something encountered every day, and it's certainly not something to miss."  
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Shakshuka - Oseh Shalom Skokie Theatre
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Shakshuka - Oseh Shalom Skokie Theatre

Shakshuka - Scharchoret - Skokie Theatre January
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Shakshuka - Scharchoret - Skokie Theatre January

Shakshuka - Amar Amar - Skokie Theatre
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Shakshuka - Amar Amar - Skokie Theatre


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